CallOne 2 Port USB Fast Charger 2.4Amp with Micro USB cable 2.4 A Multiport Mobile Charger with Detachable Cable (White, Cable Included)
Wall Charger Suitable For: Mobile With Dual USB Ports Universal Voltage Output Current : 3.4 A
Manufacturer: CallOne
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This Fast Charging Charger / Wall Charger / Travel Charger / Mobile Charger/ power Adapter with Ultra High Speed Micro USB Charging + PC Data Sync / Transfer Cable. It is being specifically Designed For the stated mobile phone model, provides adequate current output and good charging speeds. The quality is long lasting and build is smooth which makes it look premium. It is supported for different voltage locations all over India. 2 Port USB Fast Charger 2.4Amp with Micro USB cable.

Brand CallOne
Country of Origin India